CID changeable sd and micro-sd cards

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What is CID?

Every sd-card and micro-sd-card has a factory CID (a unique id) assigned to it and it usually cannot be changed. Only some specific models allow you to set a custom cid. Here i will cover Samsung / Samsung EVO sd cards.

What's their purpose?

CID changeable sd-cards and micro-sd-cards are normal cards which additionally allow you to use them for some "special" operations, for example to update your car's navigation software.

For example, the RNS 310 and RNS 315 radio/gps infotainment systems require a special custom sd-card made by car manufacturers (like Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda) in order to update the maps software. These sd-cards need to be password-locked and can be used only in one specific car.

PROBLEM: the sd-card costs retail $180,00+ ....

SOLUTION 1 : order an original sd-card from websites like ebay/amazon

SOLUTION 2 : order an sd-card with your custom cid and ask the seller to give you the corresponding mmc password lock

SOLUTION 3 : buy a cid-changeable sd-card

With a cid changeable sd-card/micro-sd-card you can make your own `custom sd-card` compatible with RNS 310 / RNS 315. How to make one? Google is your friend!

Hot to distinguish between fake and original sd cards

Warning: there are a lot of counterfeit cards out there, even on amazon!
Make sure the sd card is either made in Korea or made in Philippines.

  1. Make sure the printed text is "high quality", not grainy and worn out
  2. Check the "made in" section, for the 3 cards i've tested, it's "made in Korea"
  3. Run a speed test with your device, so that they comply with the advertised speed
  4. Make sure the available memory can actually store the specified ammount of data
  5. Want more info about your sd-card? use a software like H2TESTW to analyze it and check for errors/weird things

Compatible sd-cards with changeable CID

Warning: if you are in search of a samsung cid-changeable type of sd card, make sure the production date is between 2011 and 2016. Anything produced from 2017 and later is likely to not work!

These cards are pretty dated and not that fast. As long as you make sure the code-name the production-date and the made-in are correct, SHOULD be good to go! Also, there are a lot more compatible cid-changeable models (from samsung and iotech). Below you can find those that I've personally tested.

List of compatible Samsung card models on Amazon (all three of these models work for me)

Other compatible Samsung cards models (tested by others)

Great article from Richard Burtons on how to change CID!

If you want yourself to try and change the cid of your sd-card, here you can get started.