CID changeable SD and micro-SD cards

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What is CID?

Every SD/micro-SD card has a unique factory CID (Card Identification Number) — assigned to it by the manufacturer — which cannot be changed, for security & authenticity reasons. There are however certain models of SD/micro-SD cards which allow users to set their own custom CID value.

What's their purpose?

CID changeable SD and micro-SD cards are regular cards which additionally allow you to lock and protect the content of the sd card itself. This is required for some special software updates like car navigation software (maps).

In fact, car manufacturers like Volkswagen, Seat, and Skoda require custom SD cards with password protection based on the CID to update their RNS 310 and RNS 315 radio/GPS infotainment systems. This ensures that the infotainment software recognizes the card as secure.

Hot to distinguish between fake and genuine SD cards

  1. Make sure the printed text is high quality, not grainy or worn out.
  2. Check the country of production; the 3 cards I've tested are all "made in Korea".
  3. Run a speed test with your device, so that the actual speed matches the advertised one.
  4. Verify that the card's available memory can store the advertised amount of data. You can use H2testw to test this.

Compatible sd-cards with changeable CID


If you are in search of a Samsung SD/micro-SD card, make sure the production date is between 2011 and 2017, as those produced after 2017 may not work!

Additionally, verify that the codename (e.g MB-MSAGB), production-date and country of origin are correct before you purchase one. These cards are manufactured in three countries: China, Philippines, and Korea. It is recommended to search for the "made in Korea" version as the others may not be compatible.

Compatible Samsung SD/micro-SD card models (personally tested):

More (reported working by other users):

Where to purchase

If none of the above listings are available, check out the following websites:

How to change CID

If you want to change the CID of your SD card, check out these articles by Richard Burtons for guidance.