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Iframe Manager, a GDPR approach to iframes

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Orest Bida
— Jun 13, 2021
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It all started with an email, in which a user asked me how to integrate the cookieconsent with iframes. My answer was simple: "it doesn't handle iframes in any way". And here I am with this helper plugin written in javascript, which should put a patch on this issue.

What it looks like

Iframe manager plugin in action:


  • Lightweight
  • GDPR compliant
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Can handle multiple services
  • Support for multilanguage
  • Iframe lazyloading
  • Can be integrated with any cookie consent solution

How it works

By default there will be no iframes, as even empty iframes are resource intensive (compared to other html elements)
hence by default, during the first page load, divs will be used. The plugin can handle pretty much any service which uses iframes like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, twitch etc.

By default, a notice will be shown and only after consent the resource (iframe) will be loaded. The user can choose to either load the iframe "just this time" or to "always load" the iframe, on a per-service choice.

Where to find it

If you want to give it a try, you can find the plugin on github . Contributions are very welcome!

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